What can I do with Bitcoin today?

Bitcoin is fairly new. As a result, some ways of using Bitcoin are still not ready for mass adoption. Here’s what you can reliably do with Bitcoin today:

Send money to friends and family

Bitcoin is a great way to send money across the globe. You can send funds to your friends and family instantly and virtually free. (Compared to using banks and other traditional remittance services where the global average cost is 8% of the amount sent)

Buy your favorite products

More and more online and offline businesses are starting to accept bitcoins. With low credit card penetration rate in the Middle East, Bitcoin offers a great solution to shop online easily and securely with no extra banking fees. Check out coinmap.org a comprehensive lists of businesses that accept bitcoin.

Learn why your business should accept Bitcoin, and learn how to get setup easily and quickly.

Engage in Bitcoin trading

Start trading in Bitcoin using online exchanges such as Bitstamp, Kraken, itBit, Igot , or BitOasis. You can also trade locally with individuals by setting up an account on LocalBitcoins.com or BitQuick.me.

For a list of the exchanges and accepted currencies you can visit BitcoinCharts.com.

Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card