Why Should I Accept Bitcoin for Payment?

Bitcoin eliminates the transaction fees, charge backs, and delays of traditional payment options. It offers an easy-to-use payment solution that’s cheap and accessible all over the world. Merchants everywhere are already accepting Bitcoin for payment, from corner street coffee shops to big online businesses.

Bitcoin will save you money!

  • You don’t pay transaction fees. Yes, that’s 0% fees all the time!
  • No charge backs. Bitcoin transactions are irreversible.
  • No delays in receiving your funds. You get your Bitcoin payment within minutes
  • Getting setup is fast, easy, and free!

    If you have a phone or a laptop you can start accepting bitcoins now! No need for specialized hardware or filing any paperwork. Your customers will be able to send you money with a click of button.

    Bitcoin is secure!

    You don’t have to worry about storing sensitive customer data (e.g., credit card information) because with Bitcoin there’s no need to store it.

    Ready to start accepting Bitcoin ? You can get setup in minutes.

    Bitcoin opens up your business to international markets!

    You instantly have access to an international base of customers. Bitcoin is not limited by local currency or credit card geographical restrictions.

    Global listing of businesses that accept Bitcoin

    Check out Coinmap.Org, a global listing of businesses that accept Bitcoin.

    Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card